Best Hair Shears 2017

Best hair shears 2017


You all know the saying “A man is only as good as his tools.”

So if you happen to be searching for the “best hair cutting scissors,” “top rated shears,” “best hair cutting shears you can buy,” “what are a good pair of shears,” and “top 10 best hair shears” well, you are at the right place! In this article, we will talk about the best hair cutting scissors for this year and how to maintain a wicked blade.

Steel Quality

For choosing the best Hair cutting Shears, pay particular attention to the type of steel used in the blades. Steel (with the heating process) is really the essence of all shears.  Furthermore, the primary responsibility lies within the lasting effects of how long and how sharp the scissors remain.

Stainless steel with Hardness Rockwell (HR-C) above 58 on the Rockwell scale will have the most blade retention and toughness. Some shears like ZDP-189 go all the way to 68HRC which on this spectrum many shears of this standard virtually last forever.  Here is a list of good stainless steel for your shears:

ZDP-189 ,CPM-S125V, CPM S110V, CPM S90V, M390, ATS-34, VG-10, 440C.


Handles design

It’s really preferential.  Choose any design you wish from offset, crane, straight, or swivels.  It’s best to try different designs in order to find what fits you best.


Once again use whatever length you are most comfortable with;  The right shear length is different for everyone and isn’t necessarily dependent on your hand size.



Convex or “Japanese style” is most precise and allows slice cutting.  Almost any scissor above a certain price point will be convex and is the blade YOU may want to have. The blades are curved in every way convex and have a radius from 500 to 1500mm;  There is nothing straight about them.  Even the ride line is carved. 


Beveled or “German style” is best for straight cutting. The durability is great but for slice cutting, they are not so good.


here pictured above are some old serrated Italian beveled edge used only for straight cutting.


Screw System

The system needs to be simple for me so I can take it apart to sharpen and deep clean my blades.

There are many different screw systems out there: Adjustment Screw, Direct Adjustment Knob, Ball Bearing Leaf Spring Tension, Flat Bearing Tension Systems


Comparison review for the best hair shears

 Under $200  $200 to $500  Above $500  
NameKamisori student kitInazuma VG-1 Black TitaniumWashi Creation ShearKAMISORI Black DiamondWashi AX UltimateSaki Shears KatanaKAMISORI ChampionMizutani Acro KnifeTara XP
Rockwell Hardness advertised (HRC)586058616160~6164tbd68
Metal440cVg-1440cVG-10Hitachi ATS-314SUS440CDamascustbdMiracle Steel Alloy
thinning shearsincluded with a razorset for 280set for 280Included with a razorset for 900set for 550razor onlynonenone
BladeConvexConvexConvexConvexConvexConvex3D ConvexConvexConvex
HandlecraneoffsetoffsetCraneDrop-Finger handleCraneSemi-offsetCraneoffset



My Hair shears

The hair shears I own as a stylist and am satisfied using are the (Kamisori Black Diamond VG-10) also advertised as “61 HRC.”


Are my Hair cutting shears sharp?

One method I use to determine whether sharpening is needed is as such.  First, I wet a piece of paper towel and attempt to cut it with my shears. If the result is a clean cut, sharpening is not likely needed. If the tissue however tears or bends when attempting to make the cut, then it’s probably time to have them serviced.

The 2nd Test to examine the sharpness of my shears is arm shaving.  Put the ride line on the skin against the hairline and try to shave.  Did you see the hair disappear easily? It’s as simple as that!

If you obtain this kind of result, can be most certain that your hair cutting shears are wicked razor sharp!


How to Sharpen hair shears? (DIY)

Rule #1:  NEVER use a grinder.  A grinder does not work on Japanese shears. Remember that Japanese shears are convex with a radius from a 500mm to 1500mm.  Hence, a grinder would ruin them and make them dull.

I prefer to sharpen my hair cutting shears myself by freehand using a Japanese whetstone of different grits.  This is not recommended since it removes the life warranty of such hair shears but I am willing to take the risk to have my shears sharpened as soon as the blade is not as sharp as I like them.

A particular gentle and effective way of sharpening shears is to maintain their edge using a whetstone. Whetstones consist of combining various abrasive grits. The finer the grit of the stone, the finer the edge. Grits can range from 200 to 30000 (Japanese standard).  Of course, the finer the grit, the more expensive the stone.  So far I have been using #1000 and #6000 Grit. I only use 1000 if the blade is really out of shape, then I use the 6000 to make it really sharp.  I finish my shears with a loaded leather strap of 0.5 microns to obtain a razor edge.


Under the microscope

This little red square on my hair shears represents the area magnified on the picture below.

A zoom at the result at 500X magnification


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