Finding The Perfect Hair Stylist


There are plenty of tricks to pick the perfect stylist; sometimes finding the perfect stylist is not an easy task.

For a hairstylist, I would perchance avoid reliance on review websites such as Yelp, Google, or Facebook; this might be helpful for a restaurant where food is supervised by the same chef and is fairly homogeneous across the board. In a salon however, every hairstylist is different and one stylist is not representative of all in the salon. Review websites might provide you a good opinion on the ambiance of the salon over all such as the quality of the decor and the side services; beverages and magazines, but the quality of the haircut as I mentioned varies greatly among stylists.

Word of mouth is VERY powerful. Ask around for recommendations especially from your own friends, family, or your coworkers with great looking hair. If you like what you see, tell them, and most importantly ask them who the artist is!

If you’ve noticed, people love to talk about their hair and many times it’s the first feature that we notice. Does anyone remember Julia Robert’s elegant updo she wore on the red carpet at the 2001 Oscar Awards? Though her fashion was spectacular, it was her glamorous hairdo that everyone applauded. Now, back to your hair. If you specifically love your stylist’s work, the key is to show her/his work off. Plus, hair stylists love referrals (so when you visit your co-worker’s hair stylist, be sure to let her/him know who referred you). Book an appointment for a wash and blow dry; it’s as simple as that. The inexpensive and risk free appointment will give you enough time to decide whether the salon/stylist is what you are looking for.

If perhaps you see another stylist in the same salon who’s demeanor and talent measures more up to your standards, just go for it; book an appointment with another stylist. There is certainly nothing wrong with doing so.

You could ask for a FREE CONSULTATION as well.

Was the stylist friendly and attentive to your desires? Clean? Was she/he gentle with your hair? Helpful? Talented? Do you feel beautiful? If one of the answers is negative after your hair appointment, it’s time for you to look somewhere else and get the best hairstylist that you deserve.

On another note, did the stylist pressure you into purchasing a product from them or a special service you didn’t originally ask for? Some salons push their team of stylists to increase the bill average at all costs by pushing their clients to buy certain products from their salon. If you have this feeling that your stylist or salon personnel are only looking at your wallet, then this is also a time to look for another salon. You deserve to frequent a salon where hair is the MAIN FOCUS!

Remember, your hairstylist is someone who should be your friend, make you look and feel better about yourself, and freshen your appearance so that you radiate from the inside as well as out.

Once you find a stylist you really like, please stick with him/her. By remaining a loyal customer, this can save you from many headaches and serious regrets.

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