Google Trend for Street Hair Fashion



Google trend is an amazing tool for me because it allows me to investigate numerically how interested people are on a particular street fashion trend.  Before this feature, guessing catered to subjective and inaccurate results. Let’s note some examples from Google Trend now.

Ombre hair color is so 2013 right? Well, not so fast!  The Ombre trend lingers even today (2015).


What do you think of the Sombre of 2014? (opposite of the Ombre) Yet again, this style is trendy today.


Let’s now study the men’s undercut. Historically, men have been much more conservative with their hairstyles compared to women, and it has taken quite some time for men to change their ways.  Sounds familiar right ladies?  As you can see below, the men’s trend is not as steep as seen in women’s fashion.  As of September 2015, the undercut is still going strong with only a recent peak.


The Faux hawk’s trend demonstrated below began strongly within the years 2005-2009 and then faded away since then.


As we know, some things never fade away in fashion and as the saying goes, “oldies but goodies,” the popular French manicure is still well loved by ladies. French manicures appear to be a summer thing (Seasonal) for many of you.


Google is doing a marvelous job connecting the public at large with these newly featured analytic tools.  Studying street fashion today is executed more precisely than ever before!



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