Determine your Hair color formula

Now that you’ve determined what color you desire (tone level and shade), if you didn’t, take a quick glimpse at these two articles first:

– What color should I do ?

– Hair color

Let’s identify the right product and formula for your desired hair color.

I created this Flowchart that will ultimately help answer all of your questions.


Some of you may ask me, “Why did I choose semi-permanent coloring by default on hair with less than 70% grey if I do not want to lighter hair?  Instead, why can I not just color my hair?”  Well,  the answer is simply that the results will be similar but the semi-permanent will leave your hair much shinier/healthier.

Alright let’s take some examples:

  • You are a natural hair 6 (Dark blonde) with a few grey hairs and you want to be a 5.3 (Light brown gold), so the flowchart tells us that you should use a semi-permanent 5.3
  •  You are a colored hair 4 (Medium brown) but you want to be a 6 (Dark blonde), so the flowchart maps out a color remover and afterwards a semi permanent 6.01 (Dark blonde natural ash). The natural ash cancels the warmth of the color brought about by a color removing process.
  • You are a natural hair 4 (Medium brown) and you want to be a 5 (Light brown), so the flowchart directs you to use a simple color 5




hair color formula

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