Review Dyson Supersonic Vs Parlux

Review Dyson Supersonic Vs Parlux

Review Dyson Supersonic Vs Parlux


Dyson’s latest project is a state-of-the-art hair dryer.  Emerging after a four-year developmental period, this project landed a $71 million effort involving 103 engineers and 600 prototypes. You may ask what the beauty of the model is as compared to the Parlux, whom many stylists consider the”King of the blow dryer.” Once I retired my beloved Parlux to this sexy new Dyson Supersonic, I understood the hype!

Comparison review

 Dyson SupersonicParlux Advance Light
blow-dryer itself 440g
Air outflow140 cubic meters/hours83 cubic meters/hours
Price$399 retail edition
$320 for pro edition
Warranty2 years for professional1 years
Noise 73db80db
Heat3 heat level + heat control3 heat level
Vibration or heat on handleNonevibration and heat
Result on hairSmoothSmooth
Hot but never burn myself so far
Extremely hot burn myself often
Electricity Consumption1600w2350w
Compatible left-handYesNo


My biggest worry prior to receiving the Dyson Supersonic was the weight (600g), but to my surprise, this model’s cable and transformer lie outside most similar to a laptop computer making the weight minimal (440g).  hence, the Supersonic is a very manageable accessory in my book!


Upon my first use of the model, it amazed me that I didn’t feel any heat or vibration during my blow dries.  The feeling is amazing!


The nozzle is great too! I’ve burned myself so many times removing the clip-on nozzles on other models.  Dyson’s magnetic nozzle is simple to use and certainly doesn’t get has hot as the Parlux. The magnet has made all the difference!

The filter is much better.  It is easier to clean than previous blow dryers I’ve owned and no hair gets stuck in it.

Now in terms of power, the Dyson supersonic seems more powerful, but in terms of drying time, it’s hard to quantify how much time I have saved as compared to beforehand.


My conclusion after a month’s use with all types of hair, the Dyson supersonic is a clear winner for blow-dries and it’s time to put the Parlux to retirement.



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