What you need to know before doing hair extensions

How do celebrities secretly transform their short hair into longer locks over night? Hair extensions are the culprit, thus, hair extensions have become an accessible trick for anyone who is inclined to have lengthened hair.  Remember though, there are cons to wearing hair extensions so please take note of my reasoning before you have them applied to your own hair:

  • They are expensive
  • Hair extensions are very uncomfortable especially when sleeping on them.  Some find them unbearable!
  • Extensions like keratin bonds and micro rings do slide off; you may expect a few to remove themselves
  • Yes, hair extensions are slightly damaging to your hair
  • Extensions require a lot of care (Except clip-ins).  If you don’t like to spend a lot of time grooming yourself with detangling and blow dries, this is not the route to take.  
  • Removing hair extensions on your own is tough if not impossible; hence, it will cost you to remove them.
  • Hair extensions tangle a lot!  Sleeping on silk pillows may help this dilemma.

Depending on the results you want, the type of hair you have as well as the budget you have in mind, recognize that there several types of hair extensions that require a specific technique when administering each.  If you go ahead and decide that you truly want extensions put in, then I suggest allowing only the most professional, experienced  and talented hair stylist to apply them.

Keratin Bond Hair Extensions: Individual extensions are attached to the hair via little keratin bonds which are fused with a little hot tool at the tip of the extension. These will cost you between $5 to $8 per piece and you will need approximately around 200 depending on the effect you desire.


Micro Rings or Micro Loop: Micro loop hair extensions use small metal rings lined with silicone with the extension hair attached. They are fixed to small sections of natural hair and tightened using a special tool that clamps the loop around the natural hair. The micro loops are designed to be small enough so that they are not visible in normal use. They need positioning every 2–3 months as the natural hair grows and the micro rings will eventually move away from the scalp. These will cost you $5 to $8 a piece and like keratin bond extensions, you will need 200 or more for the fullest result.


Tape-in Hair Extensions: Wefts of hair are attached to small sections of your natural hair using double-sided tape.  These cost between $250 to $600.


Sawed-in, Weave Hair Extensions: In general, your natural hair is braided in rows from ear to ear and wefts of hair are woven (with thread) onto these braids. Expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $600.


Glue in Extensions:  I would not recommend glue ins to anyone as many of my clients I’ve seen have come in with horrible masses of glue stuck all over their hair.  An analogy that comes to mind is the image of bubblegum caught in your ponytail.

Clip on extensions: Clips ons are a great DIY temporary solution in which you may easily clip them to your hair for the enjoyment of longer hair at special occasions.  Little maintenance is needed as you simply remove them once the party is finished and store them until next time.  $30 to $150 is what you’ll spend depending on the quality of the clip on you choose.  There are natural or artificial clip ons you may purchase, but remember, artificial clip ons cannot be styled or you risk ruining them and perhaps setting them on fire with your hot, styling tools.

Depending if you have straight or very curly, frizzy hair, my best recommendation for straight hair would be the keratin bond, micro loop or tape ins.  Curly and frizzy hair adjust better to weaves. If you want a temporary solution just for the night, clip ons are great with low maintenance and good pricing.


Maintenance of your new Hair Extensions:

  • Wash your hair normally
  • Detangling conditioner
  • Detangling brush



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