Why a DIY Natural Hair mask is not a good idea



Everyone wants a natural, cheap, homemade product that makes your hair beautiful right? Well, unfortunately this isn’t the case.

Countless clients report they are experimenting with recipes they see online or in beauty magazines which are shamelessly spreading lies to attract viewers and CPM revenue.

Some of the ingredients mentioned are: avocados, honey olive oil, milk, eggs, mayonnaise, strawberries, bananas, yogurt, apple cider vinegar, lemons, beer, cornstarch, baking soda, aloe vera, maple syrup, papayas, and oatmeal.  From my standpoint, everything from smell to price is unwarranted.

Hair and our sebum have a pH balance between 4.5 and 5.5; typically hair masks and conditioners match these pH levels. The natural hair acidity we have prevents fungi and bacteria in the hair and scalp and keeps the cuticle closed and healthy. Changing the pH even temporarily can pose some damaging effects.  If we inspect the pH of the lemon, lemons are much too acidic to be used on our hair and scalp.  If we were to drink water infused with lemon juice, however, lemons have been found to alkalize the concentrated hydrochloric acid in our stomachs internally offering numerous benefits such as boosting our immunity, maintaining glowing skin and reducing phlegm when we are sick. Remember that lemons are beneficial inside our bodies but present risks on the outside due to the high acidity factor.

In the graph below,  the pH of ingredients aforementioned are demonstrated.  As you can see, very few are safely within the threshold to be used in our hair masks.

Ph hair mask treatmentIn fact, products with lemon are so acidic that a ray of sun would lighten your hair up a few levels like it would do with bleach, except note that bleach is alkaline.  Similar to bleach, baking soda is on the exact opposite end of the spectrum (too Alkaline for the hair).  That’s how damaging both lemon and baking soda are on your hair.

For the other ingredients listed within the natural threshold of pH 4.5 to 5.5, these ingredients can be used as they will not result in hair damage nor will they offer any great benefits.

Now an 8 OZ Hair Mask Jar can cost you $5 to $65 containing approximately 20 masks for use.  Depending on your budget, there is no economic incentive for a DIY natural hair mask.  Have you seen the price of an avocado or banana lately?

My advice is to stick to a hair mask that falls reasonably within your budget range and do it at least once a week for your most healthy hair.




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